Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Programme @ Scientica

As a student association, we believe in a strong student ambassador programme created by and for students. We have established this peer-to-peer programme through a new cooperative initiative involving several student associations and with support from KU Leuven Stuvo. This way, we work together to establish a solid social safety net for one another.

Our ambassadors

  • serve as a valuable point of contact for all students,
  • connect and empower students, and
  • act as a sounding board for students who may be less heard or involved.

Become an Ambassador!

  • Are you a sociable person?
  • Are you part of a less-heard or less-involved group of students?
  • Or would you like to help other students?

Then take a look at the job description below and apply by sending an email to

Vacaturetekst - ENUK.pdf