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This year, Scientica is organizing the job fair on March 7th, 2024, from 11:30 tot 17:00 at Sportoase! The Scientica Job Fair offers a wealth of opportunities to shape students' careers.

Here you can upload your cv, which we will then share with the relevant companies. In exchange you will even get a free drink on our jobfair.

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KU Leuven StuVo

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Do you want to have your CV screened, do you have a question about a student job, volunteer work or the transition to the labor market? Then visit the career counselors of KU Leuven Stuvo during the Scientica job fair. They are happy to help you with your job search!



miDiagnostics is a cutting-edge spin-off of imec, the world leader in nanoelectronics, and Johns Hopkins University, the renowned US university for research and medicine. It offers a breakthrough technology for rapid and precise diagnosis of various health conditions. The technology is based on a unique silicon chip embedded in a PCR card. This card can handle small amounts of biological material and perform liquid handling steps fully automatically. The card is read by a reader, which performs ultra-fast analysis and optical detection to produce lab-quality results. The results are displayed on a connected device in a user-friendly user interface. This design will allow to provide reliable diagnosis in a decentralized setting granting diagnostic access for everyone, everywhere, at anytime.



The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN is one of the largest research institutions in Belgium. SCK CEN, created in 1952, is a Foundation of Public Utility with a legal status according to private law under the tutorial of the Belgian federal Minister in charge of Energy. It has its laboratories in Mol and Louvin-la-Neuve and registered office in Brussels. Today, about 900 employees advance the peaceful industrial and medical applications of ionising radiation and contribute to SCK CEN's overall purpose: maintain a centre of excellence for research and peaceful applications of nuclear science. In addition about 90 PhD students boost our R&D projects.

Elia Transmission Begium

Elia Transmission Begium.png

We are Elia, the European transmission system operator that ensures the reliability and sustainability of our country's electricity supply.

Are you graduating soon? Are you ready to shine and grow to unprecedented heights?

Elia is the place to be! At Elia, you'll help build the future of the electricity grid in Belgium and, as a talented technician, engineer, designer or data and IT professional, you'll get the chance to make an impact together that lights up the world.

3 reasons to choose a job at Elia:

  1. A job full of variety in a working environment where impact and innovation are key.
  2. Focus on personal growth and well-being.
  3. A diverse team of passionate colleagues ready to welcome you.

Would you like more information? Be sure to contact us at

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We make the world a smarter place

easics is market leader in ASIC / SoC design & supply services, and FPGA / SoC designs. easics designs

advanced full ASICs and digital ASIC macros, as well as FPGA / SoC-based systems. The company

specializes in image / sensor processing & interfacing, DSP, wireless, ultra-low power, high-speed

interfacing, microprocessor integration / embedded software, and AI.

easics also develops and licenses semiconductor IP products: nearbAI for ultra-low power near-

sensor AI, and TCP/IP cores for reliable low-latency communication. End-markets include

automotive, healthcare, mobile, consumer, IoT, industrial, measurement equipment and space.

easics is a rock-solid company, in business for 30+ years and was founded in 1991. It is an

independent company, ISO 9001:2015 certified, and headquartered in Leuven – Belgium.

Always looking for colleagues to ride the digital wave

You want to design state-of-the-art digital chips that will become part of next-generation products in

Ultra-Low Power mobile & consumer, healthcare, automotive, and other advanced applications such

as smart Augmented Reality (AR) glasses? Perfect! You have a Master of Science or PhD degree in

Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering/Science, Physics, Applied Mathematics, or similar?

Terrific! Read on!

We’ll make you an expert, no worries

Whether you are an eager starter or a seasoned professional, we’ll guide you through our design

methodology and introduce you to our vast body of expertise. easics is known to be a learning

company; one that will give you the opportunity and time to become an expert, no matter what your

previous experience is.

If interested, please send your application to or contact us for more information!

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At imec, we shape the future.

How? By enabling nano- and digital technology innovation with a significant impact on the quality of life. With our partners from companies, governments and academia. And supported by the three pillars of our R&D: - a unique infrastructure that includes a 2.5-billion-euro 300mm semiconductor pilot line - more than 5,000 expert scientists from over 96 countries - an ecosystem of more than 600 world-leading industry partners and a global academic network Founded in 1984, imec quickly made its name as the leading research hub for advanced CMOS scaling. We will continue to shape the roadmap for the semiconductor industry for years to come. On top of that, we leverage this deep-tech knowhow. And we combine it with software and system knowledge to build up an exceptional portfolio of advanced technologies. The combination of these technologies opens the door to smart, sustainable solutions. These span domains such as healthcare, clean energy and Industry 4.0. Want to join us in shaping the future? Take a look at our research and development offerings, our support services for start-ups, or find out more about working at imec at

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Agentschap Plantentuin Meise

Plantentuin Meise

The Plantentuin Meise is a botanical garden located in the municipality of Meise in Flemish Brabant, Belgium. We are one of the largest botanical gardens in the world.

The Plantentuin Meise, formerly known as the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, a Federal Scientific Institution, has been an agency of the Flemish government since 2014. We have two research departments, a herbarium (housing approximately 4,000,000 collection items), a library, and extensive living collections (20,000+ species). Along with the Royal Belgian Botanical Society, we are responsible for the scientific journal Plant Ecology and Evolution, introduced in 2010.


Globachem nv.jpg

Globachem is an international, family-owned agrochemical company specializing in the development, registration, and marketing of high-quality crop protection products for agriculture and horticulture.

Globachem assists farmers and horticulturists in optimizing their production by developing, registering, and internationally marketing a wide range of generic and innovative crop protection products. As a flexible and dynamic family business, Globachem contributes to the production of sufficient safe food for the growing world population.



Do you want to work for a simply irresistible organisation? Where you can be your authentic self and share exciting experiences with a diverse community of passionate people? As one of the largest professional services firms in the world, with more than 6000 employees in 10 locations across Belgium, Deloitte offers everyone endless opportunities. No matter your field of studies, we give you the support you need to find your fit, develop your career, learn every step of the way, prioritise your well-being, enjoy flexibility, and do meaningful work. We select on values and hire for potential, regardless of your background.

Quality Assistance

Quality Assistance.png

Quality Assistance is a leading European Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing the pharmaceutical industry with all the analytical services required by EMA and FDA regulations for the development and marketing of innovative human medicinal products.

From candidate selection, through non-clinical and clinical studies, to marketing authorisation, Quality Assistance provides customised solutions for its clients:
·        We define analytical protocols;
·        We develop and validate specific new analytical methods;
·        We perform characterisation, stability, pharmacokinetic, biomarker and immunogenicity studies as well as batch release testing.
These tests are performed in order to evaluate the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of the given drugs.
With 40 years’ expertise at the forefront of analytical sciences, Quality Assistance holds a unique place on the market thanks to:
·        All of its laboratories located on one site (Donstiennes, Belgium);
·        250 highly qualified professionals;
·        A wide range of analytical methods and state-of-the-art equipment.
The Quality Assistance environment is GMP, GLP and GCLP/GCP compliant.

B12 Consulting

B12 Consulting.png

B12 is dedicated to delivering specialized, innovative solutions to a wide range of industries. With a focus on value creation and adaptability, we provide modular solutions designed to address unique challenges and enhance operational efficiency. Our industry-specific approach enables us to tailor solutions that are both innovative and practical across various industries.

Our services include:

  • AI-based solutions
  • Software development
  • Data management
  • Innovation strategy
  • UX & UI design
  • MLOps and DevOps


EY Core Business Services BV.png

Challenging projects that dare you to grow your skills. Trainings that enhance your

expertise. Colleagues ready to partner with you, on a large project or a celebration.

At EY, you can find all the necessary building blocks to shape your career exactly as you

want it. If that’s not reason enough to join, we don’t know what is.



At Avantor, we set science in motion by enabling innovation across the life sciences and technology industries with the highest quality products, services, and solutions to support every step of the scientific journey. Bringing together our comprehensive portfolio, productivity-enhancing technology and global manufacturing and distribution capabilities, we are a proven partner in highly regulated environments.

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Nationaal Geografisch Instituut


The National Geographic Institute (NGI) is a modern and innovative institution for the production and management of geographic data and topographic maps in Belgium. The NGI significantly contributes to the government's objectives by increasingly acting as a geobroker. As a coordinator and integrator at the federal level, it ensures the provision of geographic reference data for the entire territory. The NGI also actively participates in international dialogues on good geodata management (European Union and United Nations) and organizes BeGeo, the annual congress of the geographic information sector at the national level with European scope.

Van Opstal

Van Opstal.png

Since its establishment in 1959, Van Opstal has grown to become the leading supplier of furniture fittings. From its location in Aartselaar – with a large showroom and 5,000 m² of storage space – Van Opstal supplies more than 30,000 products to joiners, kitchen and cabinet makers, and interior builders. These products are often imported, sometimes exclusively, from reputable countries in terms of furniture fittings such as Germany, Italy, and Austria. Recently, import from Turkey has also been added. In 1992, the sales branch was established in Apeldoorn (NL). With 6 representatives in Belgium and 4 in the Netherlands, Van Opstal stays abreast of the furniture and kitchen market on a daily basis.



Geodata offers so many opportunities. At GIM, we want to help you make the most of it. Our 70 employees are all experts, versed in information and bitten by location.

Our mission: better harnessing the potential of geodata

Geographic data, software and brains are the raw materials for clear insights. With these, we build geodigital twins of the environment and develop customised applications for governments, utilities and private companies.

We get our data from a rich assortment of sources: maps, sensors, satellite images, aerial photos, mobile mapping, Internet of Things (IoT) ... the list goes on.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are collecting more and better data about reality at an ever-faster rate.

In figures

  • 70 passionate geo-experts
  • 28 years of expertise in geo-data
  • 500 clients in various sectors
  • 2,500 GIS professionals trained in our Training Centre
  • Numerous insights tailored to your organisation

ABO Group

ABO Group Environment.png

ABO-Group Environment nv is a group of consultancy and engineering companies with locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Our mission is to shape the development of a sustainable living environment. We do this by providing (environmental) technical solutions. ABO-Group aims for market leadership within its countries through the development of its niche activities and aims to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. The group focuses on a people-oriented and innovative culture, within which it fulfills the ambitions of both its employees and its customers. In Belgium, ABO-Group has 6 subsidiaries, each with its own focus and specialty:

  • ABO NV is a consulting firm that focuses on integral advice for all possible construction and redevelopment projects. Its focus includes soil research and remediation, environmental studies, archaeological research, asbestos and demolition inventories, as well as extensive advice on sustainable redevelopment and spatial planning.
  • Geosonda is a multidisciplinary company specializing in soil research for geotechnical, environmental, and archaeological engineering & consulting projects. With a well-trained team, a wide range of geotechnical services are performed in-house, including soil drilling, soundings (CPT), and more specialized techniques such as pressiometer, dilatometer tests, and geophysical research.
  • Translab is an environmental laboratory specializing in asbestos-related investigations in air, water, soil, and materials, as well as specializing in geotechnical and soil mechanical analyses. Translab is a federally recognized laboratory.
  • MEET HET is an atypical surveying company with expertise in monitoring, digital twins, and technical measurements. Through its network of surveyors and associated experts, a wide range of innovative surveying services, training, and traditional surveying are offered.
  • Rimeco is a recognized independent soil remediation expert in Flanders. The bureau carries out the various phases of soil investigations: during land transfers, in case of contamination, when remediation is necessary, in the context of earthworks, etc.
  • SWBO is an engineering firm specializing in the design of roads and sewerage works. Additionally, the company is also active in the field of soil investigations. It develops studies for parking lots and sidewalks, to the complete design of thoroughfares and subdivisions.

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SIGGIS is specialised in the sales, integration, development, training and support of geographic information systems (GIS). We are active in Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Africa. SIGGIS stands for “Spatial Intelligence Genuine & Generic IT Solutions”: the integration of spatial intelligence into the business processes of organizations.

SIGGIS has the unique offering of creating and delivering open, innovative and customer maintainable and -driven solutions for spatial intelligence related issues, integrated into enterprise IT supported processes and architecture, based upon proven ArcGIS related technology, pragmatically co-created by highly skilled staff, striving to an 80% customer satisfaction quality ratio (ISO 9001-2015) and the lowest TCO / ROI rate, in order to create and maintain reasonable profit rates to SIGGIS, to grow and to ensure its position as a reliable partner for the customer, today and tomorrow.

Geo Solutions


Geo Solutions is a Geo-ICT consultancy company passionate about geodata and software. We focus on the development of customized location technology solutions for our clients. Our solutions integrate IT and GIS technologies!

We offer you a wide range of opportunities: Our projects always serve a sustainability purpose. Themes are telecom, water management, nature, utilities, mobility, industry, home and building management, road building/construction, retail, ....

Within Geo Solutions we concentrate on four domains to help our customers benefit from location.

Business: We offer organizations neutral advice and guidance in defining and rolling out solutions around GIS and geo-questions

Data: Policy and business decisions benefit increasingly from location-based data. We can help the customer collect them in a smart way, making the existing databases a lot smarter in a heartbeat.

Tools & technology: Collecting rich data is great. But what about implementing it in the daily processes? With a tool or an app that is easy to use, and made to work brilliantly with your existing software. We can create them here, or send a technology expert the customers way to help his teams out.

People: Geo-information has the potential to transform your business. Our specialists are frontrunners in their field, helping businesses on a daily basis to embrace this technology and adapt their processes. We can guide the teams in that process too.


AVINEON - headerblock_without tagline_RGB_Tekengebied 1.webp

Avineon is an international organization with 31 years of experience in geographic data projects. In 1992, Avineon started in the United States as an early adopter of GIS, and since then, we have been active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, India, and the Middle East.



KPMG offers a wide range of student jobs, internships, and fixed positions to STEM students and graduates, providing opportunities to work with young and like-minded teammates. We invest heavily in our people, so you’ll also benefit from significant learning and professional development initiatives to help boost your career. Check out our roles in Digital Transformation, Digital Risk Management, D&A and Intelligent Automation, Tax Technology, CFO Advisory, Physical Asset Management, Actuary, Financial Risk Management, or Supply Chain and Procurement – we’d love to have you onboard! #LearnForALifetime

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Capgemini partners with companies to transform and manage their business by unlocking the value of technology.

As a leading strategic partner to companies around the world, we have leveraged technology to enable business transformation for more than 50 years. We address the entire breadth of business needs, from strategy and design to managing operations. To do this, we draw on deep industry expertise and a command of the fast-evolving fields of cloud, data artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms.

Join Capgemini as a "Junior Technical Consultant" and contribute from the technical design over development and testing towards deployment for use.

At Capgemini we value excellence, care, responsibility, dynamism and innovation. We offer a job with variation that leaves plenty of room for initiative and development. In fact, we are not just offering you a job, we’re inviting you to be part of our community where we will provide you trainings , tools & grounds for professional and personal growth.

If you are a team player, if you recognize yourself in this profile and are not afraid of taking on challenges… Apply today!



Geo-IT provides software for CAD, GIS, BIM, Engineering, and Product design. We are a leading Belgian distributor of Autodesk products as an authorized Autodesk Gold Partner, recognized Autodesk Training Center, and accredited Autodesk Developer. Geo-IT is eager to assist you in selecting the right product for your activities. We develop innovative applications and apps tailored to the needs of our customer base, ensuring that your software yields immediate results.

You can also choose from a wide range of training programs to optimize the use of our solutions for your tasks. Our software solutions are utilized daily by thousands of users across more than 1,500 clients.

Geo-IT is committed to contributing to your success!