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Overkoepelende Onderwijsraad

Overarching Education Council (OOR)

Submitted by Jasper Dekoninck on Sun, 10/11/2019 - 17:16

Welcome to OOR, the Overarching Education Council of the Faculty of Sciences! We represent the students in all kinds of councils such as the POC, FPOC, Faculty Board, Faculty Council, Stura and much more. Are you a bit overwhelmed by all these terms? Or are you sometimes unable to find your way in all the rules that surround you? Do you perhaps have a question or comment about the education within your study programme? We are there for you to answer all your questions! You can ask your question to any stuver (student representative) that you encounter. Don't you know who your stuvers are? No worries, here you will find a list of all students at the Faculty of Science. Of course you can always ask them a question in person, they will always be open to that, that's a certainty! All questions are also always welcome at onderwijs@scientica.be!

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