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Overarching Education Council (OOR)

Submitted by Jasper Dekoninck on Sun, 10/11/2019 - 17:16

Welcome to OOR, the Overarching Education Council of the Faculty of Sciences! We represent the students in all kinds of councils such as the POC, FPOC, Faculty Board, Faculty Council, Stura and much more. Are you a bit overwhelmed by all these terms? Or are you sometimes unable to find your way in all the rules that surround you? Do you perhaps have a question or comment about the education within your study programme? We are there for you to answer all your questions! You can ask your question to any stuver (student representative) that you encounter. Don't you know who your stuvers are? No worries, here you will find a list of all students at the Faculty of Science. Of course you can always ask them a question in person, they will always be open to that, that's a certainty! All questions are also always welcome at onderwijs@scientica.be!

What do you really need to know?

At our faculty there are a lot of so-called "stuvers" or student representatives. This term encompasses everyone who represent students on all sorts of councils in order to ensure that the voice of students is heard too. The Overarching Education Council (OOR) brings all these students together to discuss education-related topics with everyone.

Many of these students are on a (P) OC or (permanent) education committee. There is a POC for every educational programme and here the students meet with academic staff on course specific matters. Are the lessons of a course very good? Or are there a few improvements possible? Would it perhaps be better to change a certain course or to put a whole new course in the programme? This and much more is discussed at a POC. It may be important to know that students get 33% of the votes at such a meeting, which means we can exert a major influence. Moreover, there is almost never a vote on a POC, a consensus is almost always reached.

The educational representatives are of course there for you too. They will gladly assist you with every question you have. Certainly if you have comments about your study programme or other education-related topics (the good and bad points), you can always contact them so that they can ensure that your opinion is heard. Don't know how to contact your educational representatives? Then be sure to view the list of all education representatives at our faculty here .

Finally, all education representatives at our faculty are once again grouped in OOR or Overarching Education Council. Here, we discuss faculty and university matters so that we are well represented there too. For example, the general meeting of Stura (the Student Council of the KULeuven) is prepared, and we discuss what has come up in the faculty working groups International, Sustainability and Diversity. There are a lot of councils at the faculty level (some of which I mentioned in the beginning), but don't worry, you certainly don't need to know them all :) That's why there are stuvers who represent you there the best they can.

Are you interested in becoming a stuver? We can certainly use your help! You can always visit an OOR meeting that takes place every two weeks on Wednesday evening. Afterwards, those present are always treated by OOR! You can also always email us at onderwijs@scientica.be for additional info.

Finally, we provide here the link to all our reports from recent years. Unfortunetaly, these reports are only available in Dutch: Reports