Scientica op Hoogtestage // skireis naar Val D'Allos

Jan. 29, 2021, 11 p.m. - Feb. 6, 2021, 11:30 p.m.

Val D'Allos


You can now register via with the password Science4Life. 


In 2021, Scientica goes skiing again with Hoogtestage. This year we will go to Foux D'Allos in the French Alps. For six days and seven nights we will be able to enjoy 180 km of the finest ski slopes that the Alps have to offer.


The price includes the bus transport from Heverlee and back, a ski pass for 6 days, accommodation, the après-ski (pending Coronavirus measures) and all-in drink formula (subject to local Corona measures) from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. at a cost of 490 euros.

If you come with your own car, you receive an 80 euro discount.


We stay in apartments of 3, 4, 5 or 6 persons. The residences are scattered across the village but are close to the slopes. Bed linen is included and for those who come with their own transport an underground parking garage is available.


Val D'Allos offers 180 km of slopes, including 79 km of blue slopes, 87 km of red slopes and 14 km of black slopes. This area is suitable for both beginning and advanced skiers and snowboarders.


0) Can you give me more information about Foux D'Allos as a destination? Why don't we go to Val Di Sole in Italy?

Answer: Although the ski resorts will be completely open, Italy is not very keen to accept groups this year as Corona broke out there last year. The cooperation there is a bit too risky. We looked for an equivalent alternative and found a more than suitable substitution in Foux D'Allos in France. We were there a few years ago and have a very good relationship. The ski area is bigger than Val Di Sole but the price remains the same. Therefore, we have one of the best deals of the season.

1) What happens if a student on a trip tests positive and must be quarantined? Does he get his money back or is Scientica responsible for this?

Answer: With a valid doctor's note, the student will get their money back according to the cancellation conditions.

2) Exactly what measures are taken regarding corona on the bus, in the apartments, on the slopes and during the après-ski and evening party?

Answer: On the bus any seat can be taken but a mask must always be worn. This has also been the rule all winter with us and has gone flawlessly. So that is what we expect in winter as well. An apartment is perfect in bubble so no problem. Before and after it is of course very thoroughly disinfected by the residence. On the slopes social distancing is important, you must keep your distance and on the ski elevator you must wear a mask. The après ski and parties are still a bit unclear now. Après ski will be able to continue according to the terrace principle, concerning the all-in parties at night we will have to wait and see what the measures are to see how we go about it.

3) Will participants get their money back anyway if the trip is cancelled due to a negative travel advice or for organizational reasons, or will travelers always have to take Allianz's Cancellation insurance with corona cashback guarantee?

Answer: To do this, they must take the Allianz cashback insurance (€49 per participant per trip) if they wish to have their money refunded in full. If they do not to take this insurance, they will receive a voucher for the full amount, which is valid for life on all Travelbase projects (including Hoogtestage, Route du Soleil, etc.).

You can always contact me (Daan Smets) on Messenger or WhatsApp (0491 30 91 53) if you have any further questions.