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Scientica is the umbrella organisation of the five student associations at the Faculty of Science at K.U.Leuven: Bios, Chemika, Geos, Merkator and Wina. Scientica consists of three main parts:
- Activities: Kringraad
- Student representation: OOR
- Course-sale service: Cudi

Probably Scientica?s most interesting part for you is Scientica International, which aims at uniting international students with each other and with local students. Scientica International itself organizes small social activities for international students at the Faculty of Science and promotes activities organized by the five student associations.

Updates about our activities will be announced below. Moreover, you can follow us on facebook. Check out the group: ?Scientica International?!

Finally, you can always e-mail us. One address: international@scientica.be. Don?t hesitate to contact us with all your questions, problems, suggestions, etc.


Submitted by Maria Verdonck on Fri, 13/03/2015 - 17:33

Dear (master)students

Whether you were able to attend the Jobfair this year or not, you still have the chance to deliver your CV to the companies that were present by uploading it to the site. You can do this via www.scientica.be/cvboek. Logging in to the site (with your KUL account) is required.

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